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Maybe you’ve been thinking about completing a GED, starting or returning to school, or getting some training but aren’t sure how to get started, don’t know what to study, or, much less, how much education or training you’ll need. Don’t worry! The following step-by-step free resources will give you the information you need to begin. It will link you to resources that will answer the questions you have, and, provide you with several self-assessments to complete. In the first step you’ll have an amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself, which may help you uncover your passion and guide you in selecting a major or training program, and a career.

Self Assessments

Complete each one online and discover your interests, work values, skills, learning styles, and personality indicators.
First you will want to create an account with UtahFutures and log on. Creating an account will allow you to access the assessments, and save your results from the self-assessments, career matches, schools considering, majors, and job information in your eBackpack.
This will take you to another site. Return when you are finished and complete the following:
Create Account
Interest Profiler
 Work Importance Locator
Skills Assessment

Career Matching Assistant

In the next step you’ll determine which careers match your interests by using the Career Cluster Inventory. First you’ll be asked to select which level of education or training you’re planning on obtaining. Let’s look at UtahFuture’s General Career Training Information which defines the different levels of education (degrees) or training a person can obtain. Keep in mind the more education or training a person has the greater their earning power and a lesser chance of unemployment.
Education and Training Pay

Utah Career Match

In the following step you’ll have the opportunity to research information about obtaining a GED, research occupations in Utah that require a license, as well as research information about the job market in Utah.
Career Cluster Inventory

GED Information

*Not all schools require a GED for admission. Check with your school of choice first. If needed, click one of the following links for information on GED programs.
Adult Education, Utah State Office of Education
English Language Acquisition
Basic Literacy
GED Preparation
Adult High School Completion
GED on TV Programs
School of Applied Technology, Salt Lake Community College

Licensed Occupations in Utah

Research licensed occupations in Utah
List of Occupations – UtahFutures
Click here to learn if the career (occupation and profession) you’ve chosen requires a license in the State of Utah. For example, within the nursing profession, licenses can be obtained for an LPN, RN, CRNA, APRN, or CNM at the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, also known as DOPL.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is a nationally recognized source of career information/ It is designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years.


General information about apprenticeships
Apprentice Occupations
Contact Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training


Salt Lake Community College–Women’s Business Institute
Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
U.S. Small Business Administration
Salt Lake Chamber–Women’s Business Center
Additional Resources for career exploration, or to follow-up on any discoveries you’ve made through self-assessments with an Academic/Career Advisor is available with most of our partnering schools. For information, visit our School Directory. You’ve gathered a lot of information in the last few steps. Now select a school that is the best fit for you and your educational and career plans.